Love and War

Love and War

By John and Staci Eldredge

Published by Doubleday Religion (first printing 2009)

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The pair addressed men and women separately in Wild at Heart (John) and Captivating (Stasi) and now put that knowledge together in a book on marriage. Christianity, they say, is a love story set amid war, with marriage a living, breathing portrait laid out before the eyes of the world so that they might see the story of the ages. For them, marriage is the perfect storm that brings together basic differences in men and women, individual styles of relating, sin, and brokenness. The Eldredges offer sound advice on topics such as the delights of companionship, understanding the enemy is Satan and not your spouse, finding your marriage's mission, taboo topics, and, yes, sex. They are honest and forthright, never skirting a difficult issue; instead, they offer hope, insight, and their own lives as examples of what God can accomplish. Their summation of marriage: It can be done. And it is worth it. So is this book.

This was an excellent book.  The authors write in a style similar to Wild at Heart- a complete mixture of short personal stories, stories of friends, Biblical references, and short but powerful points.  The book flows easily and is engaging.  I would absolutely reccommend this to any married couple- but especially any couple who is about to be married.  I remember thinking to myself "why didn't anyone warn me how hard marriage is?" and now I know- marriage is hard.  It is worth it.  But God has to come first.

I really hope that if you are reading this you give this book a chance.  I go back and forth with the authors.  I loved Wild at Heart, but thought Captivating was pretty off-target.  This book was excellent and will be an excellent resource for my husband in counseling.

Want to learn more about Randsomed Heart Ministries or the Love and War book?  Go here!

I was provided this book to review for free by Waterbrook Multanomah.  I do not guarantee positive reviews, however simply honest ones.

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