Shadowspell by Jenna Black

Shadowspell by Jenna Black
Published on: 3/2011

Thank you Jenna Black!  Thank you for improving in this book.  I wanted so badly to like the first book in the series (Glimmerglass) but honestly thought very negatively about it.  Everything that I didn't like about the first book (an underdeveloped plot, unlikable characters, uninteresting storyline) got a whole (and I mean WHOLE lot better in her second installment. 

The introduction of the Elking provided a breath of fresh air into the storyline- with more drama and excitement for the reader.  I will say, though, that the book took a PG-13 (or dare I say R?) turn in the last 1/6 of the book= I was pretty surprised by it.  I kept wondering if I was reading a ya book or an adult fantasy story.  This book is not for the feint of heart or for younger readers.

I will absolutely be picking up the next volume in July!  (You can read the first chapter here)

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