DG Doppleganger

DG Doppleganger: The First Escape
Tyndale Publishers
Published 2008

The First Escape is the story of Saskia and Sadie Dopple, a set of fiery haired twins who have a temperment to match.  The are living in a orphanage in England when Saskia is suddenly taken from Sadie and placed into an adoptive home.  Sadie escapes from the orphanage with help from the school handyman (and lackey) Erik.  Sadie and Erik find themselves drawn into the home of a man who claims to know Sadie's mother.  (And he ends up being a nutcase murderer.)  Saskia ends up with an old woman who owns a large house- and knows immediately something is very very wrong.

The theme of this book is part graphic novel and part regular novel.  I thought the combination of the two flowed seamlessly and really added to the over all character of the book. I was not a fan of the style of graphics, but they grew on me- they felt very gothic.  This book in itself was a very gothic novel- it reminded me of a Series of Unfortunate Events.  Although I felt that the plot seemed to jump around- I enjoyed this book for the novelty that it was.

If you are interested in the Series of Unfortunate Events books- then I would reccommend this book to you!

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