Across the Universe

Across the Universe by Beth Revis
Published on January 11, 2011
Published by Razor Bill (Penguin)

As the spaceship Godspeed travels toward a new earth, the lives of 100 cryogenically frozen settlers hang in the balance after someone endeavors to quietly murder them. The other passengers aboard the ship have never known life outside its walls and are enslaved by the machinations of Eldest, their tyrannical leader, who divides them into three distinct classes. When Amy, a frozen settler from earth, survives being thawed in a murder attempt, she immediately bonds with Elder, Godspeed's lone teen and future leader. Amy’s individuality, her rebellion, and her fierce desire for freedom, inspire Elder to act on his own doubts and defy Eldest--his mentor and keeper--with shocking results. Eldest’s methods of twisting history and altering the lives of this captive community are a frightening echo of tyrants in our own history, and Across the Universe challenges readers to consider the impact of unchecked power, blind trust, and the ability of one dissenting voice to make a difference.-- Seira Wilson

This was a very cool book.  I can't say I typically read space adventure books (that is a little too far away from fantasy for me).  I really really liked this book.  It was so original, so unique, I simply couldn't put it down.  The plot swings back and forth between the two main characters- Amy and Elder.  I usually don't enjoy books from two different perspectives- but I have to say, I really enjoyed it this time.  The pacing was good- I never felt a lull in the storyline.  The characters were engaging and the story itself was very well written.  I can't wait to read more from this author!


  1. I've got this book on my shelf, and I'm so excited to read it! I've got it with the other cover version though, which I think I actually like more, although they both are pretty. Glad you could enjoy it even though it's outside your comfort zone - great review!

  2. Until I read Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris, I honestly wasn't much of a sci-fi fan. Admittedly, Unraveling was light sci-fi, but still. I have ran across this book so many times at my library, but I always pass it by. After loving my first sci-fi book experience, and now reading your review, I think I may have to give this book a chance. So, thank you for that!


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