Scars of a Chef by Rick Tramanto

I am an avid fan of the Top Chef series.  Now that my brother is a chef- I am really fascinated by everything they have to do. I do know from past readings, however (I'm looking at you Drew Brees), sometimes autobiographies can seem a little choppy or uninteresting.  I have to say I was drawn into this book.  The author is a great storyteller.  I felt as though I was reading a work of fiction instead of someone's actual life.  It astounds me how much the author has been through!

I enjoyed the recipes at the end of each section.  I also enjoyed how the author wrote in a conversational manner- I felt as though he was really telling ME the story.  I especially enjoyed the section of color photos in the middle of the book- and playing "Where's Waldo" with all of the famous chefs in the pictures.

This would be an excellent book for someone starting out as a chef or for someone interested in getting into the cooking industry.  The author makes it very clear that the only way to succeed in the culinary world is by taking risks and working harder than you ever thought possible.  Not everyone is cut out for the culinary world- and after reading this book, I have even more respect for how much work REALLY goes into being a good chef.

I highly reccommend this book to everyone!

I was given this book to review for free by Tyndale House.  The opinions in this review are my own.

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